September 15, 2015

Afternoon tea and a birthday celebration at sketch in London

For more than a year I held on tightly to the hottest tickets in all the theatre land. I had secured tickets to see Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet in London. As it was also my best friends birthday, I decided to take her to have Afternoon tea at sketch in London. sketch is actually a gallery and therefore it is a constant exhibition, that will change every two years or so. You can't help but marvel at this place, while you are having tea. Is it as pink as it looks? You bet! sketch was named one of the most instagrammed restaurants in London. Take a look.

You induldge in different sandwiches, cakes, desserts and scones on cake stands and it doesn't look like much, but you will be full. The waiters are very attentive and keep refilling your cup and glas with tea and water. If you like to have the special tea set for yourself, you will be able to buy it too. When I called in to make reservations, I also mentioned, it would be my friends birthday and sketch was so kind and presented her a special plate. 

As if the restaurant and bar area wasn't impressive enough. Wait until you need to use the restroom. I can honestly say I have never taken so many photos of a public restroom. The toilets are within big eggs under a colouful ceiling and you might be taken aback a little, because you will hear voices. It feels like a scene from planet of the apes and you are about to be shot into orbit.

Without a doubt you could get a great Afternoon tea for a lower price in London, but having tea is an event at sketch. Certainly not a place to go to every weekend, but if you would like to treat yourself or want to go somewhere special, sketch is a wonderful address. 

9 Conduit Street
London, W1S 2XG