June 25, 2015

Lucky Snap #4: Jocelyn - The Inner Interior

A Lucky Snap for me, is a photo that you are lucky to have. A snap that luckily tells a story. A story that is important to you. A photo that you come back to again and again. Sometimes you publish it. Funnily enough it is those snaps that are not always on Instagram that you are willing to share in this little series. I love this little series of mine. And today I'm happy to share another one of my friend Jocelyn, who blogs over at The Inner Interior.

I met Jocelyn online almost three years ago (what??!!). We were getting ready to have another The Hive taking place in Berlin. She had just moved from the US to Germany and we hit it off right from the start when we met in person. It is impossible not to like her. Jocelyn is different than other people. Conversations with her are deep and personal. She asks questions, she listens and she motivates. There is a certain grace that surrounds her, that calms you, but she also has the talent to ask those probing questions. You know the ones I mean. Those questions that you rather not answer to yourself.
I was very happy that she agreed to come speak at The Hive 2014 in Copenhagen. Her presentation on "Mindful blogging" is still very well remembered by all attendees.

Here is her Lucky Snap, staring her husband Timm and son Oskar.

Blog: The Inner Interior
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Tiny Toes in the Sand 

When Yvonne asked me to share my most looked at photo on my camera roll, I didn't know how to answer that exactly. With a baby, I don't have a lot of time to scroll casually through my images but when I do I always stop at one particular photo and remember how I felt when I took it. 

The photo that holds so much love in my heart is when Timm took Oskar to the see the ocean waves and feel his toes sink lightly into the sand. We had just arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the ocean was calling us to come for a visit. Timm and I both were giggling like little kids because we couldn't wait to see our little boys face as he experienced the ocean for the first time. Let me just say, it was priceless. 
Oskar was in love with the sound of the waves and the feeling of his feet in the sand. His little cheeks grew bigger and bigger as his smile got wider and wider. The tiny high pitched squeal that he gave us was so sweet, the kind only a parent would love! The pure love I felt in my heart for them both at that moment I will always remember.
This photo captures so much stillness, so much love, and this is why I respect photography the way I do. I have this photo as my wallpaper, so I see quite often and am constantly reminded of how blessed I truly am, to be a mother and a wife as well as my own person. 
Yvonne, thank you for asking me to join in this wonderful idea of sharing photos and stories. Every moment is worth loving when we stop and remember how lucky we are to be here, experiencing all life has to offer.

Here are even more Lucky Snaps.