February 12, 2015

The story of two palm houses in Vienna

In which I went to the wrong palm house. I cannot recall, when I saw the palm house for the first time on Instagram. I looked through some photos with #Vienna and there it was. Once I understood, this is actually a place to have breakfast or coffee at, I put it on my to see list. I looked up its location and found out a palm house was in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace. With the Winter weather exactly like I love it (icy cold, but sunny), I was off wandering around.
You can't help but think of all these movies with Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. We Germans are crazy about these movies and they are on rerun each year!

I can see why so many joggers enjoy their run though them. Would I run, which won't happen in this lifetime, I would do the same. These gardens are huge and not only is there a palm house, but also museums and a zoo. The palm house, with its ompressive iron structure, is easy to find and from the outside it looks exactly like I've seen it.
I was kind of suprised that I couldn't see a café area and I circled the palm house several times. Of course, I also didn't have internet access to double check. So I walked inside and asked the man at the information counter, where I could find the café. The second I saw that little smirk around his lips, I just knew I was at the wrong location. The one I wanted to go to, was in the city center. Taking the subway back into the city center and doing a quick online search I finally found the right location. Actually you cannot miss it. Talk about feeling foolish.
But it was all worth it! The Palmenhaus is a beautiful, light and airy place to eat and spend some time. You sit at small, sometimes, vintage tables. It has a short menue, with lots of coffee options. Waiters and waitresses in crisp white shirts and a bow tie serve you, while you listening to jazz music. I ordered a small breakfast, flipped through magazines and enjoyed great service. Free wifi also added to my overall wellbeing. I could have easily spend hours there.
Do you see the gentleman in the left bottom corner in the second photo above? He wore headphones and sang along loudly. As a matter of fact I saw him a couple of times all over Vienna. Vienna is not that big after all. If you are in Vienna, I cannot recommend the Palmenhaus strongly enough.

Palm house at Schönbrunn Palace, if you are interested in flowers and plants.
Palmenhaus Café - Brasserie - Bar, Burggarten 1, if you expect coffee and light food.

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Unknown said...

I bet your treat was even sweeter for the slightly longer route!