December 30, 2015

Between the years

Let me start of with a confession: I don't like the end of the year. I have never been a big fan of New Years Eve. Actually it gets me all kinds of emotinal. The end of yet another year. Time flies. Things come to an end. Besides, I'm also scarred to death of fireworks!
However I'm also kind of glad that the Holidays are over. I haven't closed my belt in days and I will need another week to digest all that wonderful food. I texted my friends I'm like an anaconda that swallowed a goat.

The week between the years is always my most productive. I write lots and lots of mails and I get stuff done. As if I need to make sure to check off things of my to do list, so I got something done in this year.

2015 has been such a turbulent year. Not only for me. The events in the news affected us all. But also in my personal life there were some sad news. I had to let go of my dog. Superdog was sick and he actually went quickly, for which I'm grateful. However it is still so raw and so many tears have been cried. It is now almost six month ago and I still miss him like crazy! I do want to have a dog, but at the moment I want MY dog back and until this changes I'm not ready to welcome another one into my life.

But I also did some amazing things for myself. I travelled to China. I had always wished to see the Great Wall of China and so I went. These two weeks in Beijing and Hong Kong were so terrific, I will treasure them forever. A selfie stick would have been great, though!

My biggest steps have certainly been more quiet and a long time coming. Some decisions have been made, but also a brand spanking new project has been started. For over 15 months I have worked on my heart project. First in my head, then on a piece of paper and then I finally took the plunge and made it public. I founded a new and modern magazine for theatre, opera and ballet enthusiasts called Spectacle! This has been on my mind for such a long time and it finally here. Together with a great team we have published the first feature about The Nutcracker. Each month we will have a feature until the actually magazine will be published come March. I couldn't be more happy to combine performing hearts and lifestyle with one another.

I keep saying it each year: the new one will be wonderful! But this time it seems to be really true! It seems 2015 was the year of seeding and 2016 will be the year to harvest.
So many of my friends and acquaintanceshave a lot going for themselves. There are new loves, new babies, new jobs and new adventures awaiting.

Here is to an exciting new year. Alright, 2016 I'm ready for you! Are you?