June 1, 2015

Lucky Snap: Stilzitat

I'm back from China! What an amazing trip this has been. I'm getting settled back in and tackle my laundry pile. Then I gladly share all my photos from Beijing and Hong Kong.
Before I left, I started with a new series on my blog called Lucky Snap. In this series my blogger friends and I share our favorite photo from your phones and the story behind it.
I started with my snap here.
Next is my friend Anastasia. Come meet her.

Blog: Stilzitat
Current number of photos on the phone: 2829

Hey, you guys! 
This is Anastasia from Stilzitat. Before I introduce myself I would love to thank Yvonne for asking me to drop her a few lines about my favorite photo on my cell phone. I told her in the first place: I will be cheating on this one because I am not the person to decide very easily. I have a bazillion of favorite photos and so I decided to pick the one, that has been my screensaver for years now.
Before I do this, you need to know, that I am really into flowers. And interiors. And flowers & interiors. Instagram has grown to be my favorite way to share my images and there you might get the impression that I am into flowers. And interiors. And flowers & interiors ;-)
A very lucky coincidence has brought Yvonne and me together and we have been friends ever since. So I naturally adore everything she does! But supporting this project of hers is also special to me because I love to express myself with photography. You could easily sum up my philosophy in one sentence: WHERE THERE IS BEAUTY - THERE IS A PICTURE! 

This image shows a corner of our italian bedroom where we spend 3 weeks a few years ago. Why is it so special to me you might ask! It is because it reflects everything that I experienced during this vacation! To me this picture speaks of: trips to Venice, a cold breeze in the mountains of northern Italy, lived antiques, picking wild flowers, a soft summer light, ripe tomatoes & sweet onions, boat rides on Lago di Garda, rustic aesthetics, loots of Aperol Spritz, disappointment at Juliet’s balcony in Verona, colorful house fronts in Burano, rustic interiors, shopping the local markets and dreaming about a house we wish to be our future home. 
Thank you for having me, Yvonne! And thank you for taking me back in time, dwelling on these memories and moments of joy! This just made my week!