June 15, 2015

Lucky Snap #3: Jaclyn of Blog Society

I have various photos on my phone that I come back to again and again. Some are out of focus, some don't even have something special on them. But those have a story. I know what happens before, during and after this photo was taken. And that makes them special to me.
With smartphones it is so easy having those photos, I like to call them Lucky Snaps, with you all the time instead of only on the wall or in an album.

I asked my blogger friends to share there Lucky Snaps. Today Jaclyn of Blog Society shares her Lucky Snap. Read on about this wonderful photo taken in Bali. That in itself is so dreamy.

Name: Jaclyn
Blog: Blog Society
Current number of photos on the phone: 1,948 

I've attached a photo from a trip last year when I went to Bali with a few other bloggers. The photo is actually by @luisabrimble so this may be cheating, but it gives me an immediate sense of calm and peace when I look at it on my phone. In August 2014 I set out to Bali with five other bloggers for a magical retreat. I remember the hot, balmy night, the lychee martinis by the pool, talking about blogging, life, travel and laughing far into the night before being told to keep the noise down!
We explored the country side as you'll see here and I had this once in a lifetime picnic in the middle of a rice paddy that was simply out of this world. Everytime I see this photo those memories (and the smell of incense and warm breezes) come flooding back!

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