May 18, 2015

My lucky snap

I love watching people. Especially in the subway. It seems like the people who are not holding a phone, kindle or ipad in their hands are a minority. I'm guilty of that too. And ever so often I see people looking at photos or text messages. Not neccessarily because they have just received a message or taken the photos, but they enjoy looking through them.
Again, I'm guilty of that, too. There are some photos on my phone I just love, some texts I cannot bear to delete. Some of them wouldn't make sense to others, if they don't know the story behind it. I, on the other hand, look through them again and again. Currently I have 928 photos in my stream on my iphone. Here is my favorite, my lucky snap at the moment.

I shared this photo a few weeks ago on my Instagram channel (@itsonwithyvonne) and it shows my Superdog and myself. I took this selfie in the park in our neighborhood, while sitting with him on the grass. Superdog hardly ever looks into a camera, unless I have a treat right next to the phone. On this day I had just found out that my Superdog is getting old and he shows all signs that go along with aging. In his case a problematic heart. He is still in top shape, but I have to get used to the thought that I'm losing him. I love how he smells. I really do.
So there I was, hugging my beloved and trusted compagnion on a sunny day, while inhaling his smell. Never wanting to forget his scent and making him feel loved. I'm sure this will forever be one of my favorites.