May 20, 2015

Adventure awaits in Beijing and Hong Kong

So, this is it. I'm embarking on an adventure. I'm leaving Germany with a heavy heart for various reason I will blog about once I return, but I'm determind to make the most of my time in China. I booked this trip in a spur-of-the-moment-mood. I actually had planed to go to New York. But I have been there many times before. While I love the Big Apple it is my comfort zone. But apparently I was craving to step outside my comfort zone. I wanted to soak up a new culture, experience things I truly never have seen before. And what better place for that than China?

I have never left on a trip feeling so unprepared. My personal life has been in a little turmoil the last few weeks, that prevented me from preparing. But perhaps this is the right thing to do? I mean I have a travel guides, I have a credit card and I like to believe I'm a hands on woman. I will manage. I'm sure. Come follow along on my adventure via Instagram. Let's do this!