April 14, 2015

The Hive 2015 - The good, the bad and the ugly.

Let me start of by saying: I don't think there was anything ugly at The Hive 2015 this past weekend in Berlin. Besides that I almost cried and would have ruined my make up that the stylists at the Philips Beauty Bar put on me. That would have been ugly.
I loved having so many people at the blogger conference. It did feel like a wonderful reunion, since so many had been to The Hive before. But also welcoming the newbies was just great.
So many smiling faces, exchange of business cards and networking at its finest.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I love putting on The Hive and all my work is so worth it, seeing your feedback. You all have my heart!
Yes, I biased and still, when I look at the weekend, I can say the conference ran so smoothly. Yet, there are some screws to tighten.
The bad:
- we need an information desk. A person/persons that sit in the conference area and can answer all your questions about what happens where, without that you need to find my team or myself. Besides it makes it possible to also hear it all.

- there needs to be much more signs. In Copenhagen, it was written on the screens what was in the rooms. We didn't have that in Berlin.

- we need to give out the goodie bags. I like to have them there as decoration. But it is not decorating at all, seeing attendees scrabble through the goodie bags, because of the size of the flips flops instead of just accepting what you are given. I know that many complained this was happening and I also know that some said stern words (Dietlind being one of them, she was upset!)

- how can we compensate for speakers that have to cancel? Especially the workshops. Perhaps back up speakers, that (in case they don't have to fill the slots) will get a definite spot at the next conference?

The good:
- I loved how our cooperation partners got involved. They were woven into the conference and especially the conference area. I had the feeling there was no pushing, but really open ears from everybody involved.

- The Lego Duplo wall! Oh, how I love that wall. And I'm still so over the moon, that Lego gifted it to me. You will see it again next year!

- So many of you had a good time and told me you are coming back. I'll take your word for it!

- The book lounge was well received and used by you. The intention was to give you the chance to look through the books you see on all these blogs and help you make the decision if you want to buy them later on. I saw some attendees marking them on their list. I guess: mission accomplished.
- The Philips beauty bar! I adored my make up and was pretty lost Monday morning in my own bathroom not knowing what to do next. I guess it is save to say I failed in copying the steps. I hope you took full advantage of this!

- The Edding wall. 6000 caps. So mind blowing! Every once in a while I walked over to it, to look at your signatures. You got really creative.

- The location in general. We are very happy with the Scandic Potsdamer Platz. Conference rooms often have a business atmosphere. It is not designed for Instagram obsessed bloggers. I get that. However I chose service over design. And the service was wonderful. Food was great, drinks at your disposal. What more could you ask for?

- The speakers were great. I know some of them were really nervous, but those were the ones nailing it! I followed your tweets. Pat yourself on the back. Heiko Hebig of Instagram took a great approach by just saying a few words about the app and then taking your questions.

-  And how about the Nutella jars? Enough said!

- You! I say it again and again: I'm very grateful for your support and for coming. I hope I see many of you again in Dublin in 2016. There is a little bet going on in our Facebook group. Let's see who wears the The Hive bracelet the longest!


Andrea vom Runzelfüßchen Blog said...

I nicht repeat myself but I really enjoyed THE HIVE a lot! It was so nice meeting so many different people!
I would also go for handing out the Goodie Bag. I don't understand why people where browsing through the bags. I got one, which was used by others as a trash disposal. But don't you worry, THE HIVE isn't about Goodiebags.
Iam still speechless about what you and your Team created there and felt very welcome. Thank you so mich for this!

Tip Moore said...

I think you've covered most of the "bad" ... I really enjoyed it and thought that the atmosphere was very welcoming as opposed to judgey, which happens at other conferences I've noticed. And because I like to ask these sorts of questions - do we really need goodie bags? 😊

Jess-On-Thames said...

Yvonne, it was a fantastic weekend and you are one impressive organiser :) Thank you for making it all possible, and with such grace, even when you were being bombarded with so many questions. (But most of all, I am so over the moon that LEGO gave you that wall!)

elisabetta @italianbark said...

Yvonne the weekend has been great, so many new inspirations, new people to meet and people to meet again from last year :) The location was amazing as well -maybe they just need to empower their wifi! Even if at the end it's better to speak together than with an iphone!! You're right, it was bad to see some bloggers ransack in the goodie bag but we can't control on everybody behaviour :) thank you and already can't wait for next!!

Annelies said...

My first Hive... in my eyes it was just great. I loved being there and meeting all these fabulous people. I learned so much not only from the speakers and workshops but also from my fellow storytellers. I agree that goodie bags either need to be distributed (at the end?) or left out all together. It's nice to get free stuff but that's not what this conference is about. Thanks for organising this event. You've saved me a lot of Google time :-)

Tina said...

Thanks so much for all of your work in organizing THE HIVE15!!!! It was my first blogger conference as a pretty new blogger and I came alone. That alone was pretty challenging but I survived and even got to know some great people (the kick-off event on Friday night was a little tough for me as I felt kinda lost between all those people that all seemed to know someone)but I really, really enjoyed Saturday and Sunday, all the great speaches and workshops. I loved looking through all of the displayed books, enjoyed all the food that always seemd available. The various brand-team-members where great, too. Thanks once again and I really hope to be able to come to Dublin next year:-)

Jenni (Museum Diary) said...

I've said it before in past years and I'll say it again this year: I love how open and inclusive The Hive and its attendees are, and I think partly down to the people themselves, but also partly to the atmosphere and community you've created. I've been at other conferences that are really cliquey, where if you are a newbie not part of the reunion, you just feel left out. I've sat at a table full of people at lunch who didn't speak a single word to me. Not so at The HIve. I look forward to it every year and hope to make it to Dublin!

tina @ colourliving said...

I loved it. For me it was like coming 'home'. I can't give you a higher compliment.

Can't wait for Dublin!