April 18, 2015

I'm going to China.

I take a lot of short trips. London for a play, Vienna to visit a friend or Amsterdam for a blogger conference. But a vacation? Days away from home, not working, just play and enjoyment. Feeling out of my comfort zone and seeing new things? That hasn't happened in years! On January 1st (of all days!) I decided to book a vacation and I wanted to go back to New York. I know my way around there and all would have been fine. While searching for a flight I found a great deal to go to China. Next thing I know I booked a flight to Beijing and Hong Kong. My friend insisted I can't be left alone with a credit card and I was a little worried myself.
But know I'm looking so forward to this trip. I crave to feel lost and to concentrate on myself. Seeing sights, foods and attractions that I really have never seen before. What could be more relaxing and stimulating at the same time? I want to wander along the Great Wall of China, get lost in the hutongs, absorb the history of this ancient place and enjoy the great food, that I no doubt will get to taste.

However I was so busy organizing The Hive, that I didn't really searched for insider tips on Beijing and Hong Kong. Therefore if you have any tips or blogposts I should be reading, please post a link for me to check out.