April 3, 2015

Dear attendees of The Hive 2015

Dear attendees of The Hive 2015,

writing open letters is not unusual on this little blog of mine and this time I want to write a letter to you!
I say it every year, but this The Hive will be the best one yet. I cannot wait to show you what we have planed for you. This is our fourth year and I really like that our brands and partners have ideas of their own, that they go all out for you. You'll see! Every year I sit in my tiny appartment and worry myself sick. Sometimes to the point of nightmares as mentioned in my 40 facts right here.
Have I thought of everything? Will you like it?
I love that The Hive has become a reunion of some sorts, that some of you come back again and again. But it doesn' feel like a bad school reunion. You know, for which you hire a man to play your boyfriend. There is nothing clique-y about the conference and we worked very hard to preserve this atmosphere. But the new attendees are just as welcome! You will feel included, you will learn and network, I assure you! I made some of my best friends at The Hive.

My biggest reward for my work and the endless mails I'm writing during the year, is to sit back at the conference and watch you! I see you making new friends, discuss plans and soaking up The Hive. But this year I got my reward a little earlier and it is all down to you guys.
Each year I try to bring each attendee into our Facebook groupThis group is intended to make sure you have all the info you need, but also to give you the opportunity to connect before the event.  I love the way you comminicate with one another, how you ask questions and help each other out. But you really blew me away with #40facts4thehive (find it on Twitter)!
It is amazing for me to see, how you share and open up so willingly. You are honest, funny, sarcastic and vulnerable, without worrying if others might judge you. Some of those facts can't be easy to open up with and you did it anyway!  I think some of the readers really stopped for a moment and were surprised in the most positive way.
That is exactly what I want to achieve with this conference. Thank you for assuring me the team of The Hive is on the right track. The Hive is for you and it seems you have embraced it.

I cannot wait to see you all next week! Make sure you tap me on my shoulder and say hello. I want to meet you.

Until I find you,



Andrea vom Runzelfüßchen Blog said...

Dear Yvonne,

your shoulder will hurt, as provably everybody will say Hi.
Thank you so much for all your help, Iam so excited to be there. As this is my first year at THE HIVE I can't wait!

All the best


Corina Nika said...

I'm so excited to meet you Yvonne! You've done so much work, and even some more that we can't imagine! Looking forward to seeing you and will definitely tap your shoulder! :*

Konstantina Alveratsidou said...

Dear Yvonne this is most beautiful letter to all of us, thank you in advance for all the warmth and kindness. See you soon!

Nina said...

I will be tapping for sure! I'm so excited to seeing you! :-))

Counting the days,

PS: Love the new blogname.

Alba Bici said...

Dear Yvonne I am so happy to meet you and attend the Hive for my first time meanwhile I will meet all the rest of the people that I am discovering through #40facts4thehive.
I have to thank you and all your team. I am looking forward to meet you next week.

Tina said...

Thanks so much for all your work in organizing THE HIVE for all of us, Yvonne! I can't wait for the kick-off next Friday as this will be the first time for me to attend any meeting with other bloggers. I actually don't even know any other bloggers personally so I really look forward to meeting all the attendees!!

Zsuzsi @ bold.color.glass said...

Dear Yvonne,
Thank you so much for making the conference better and better each year. I love the #40facts4thehive! It was such a good idea to meet and greet each other before The Hive!