March 21, 2015

How my photo is used to teach children about laundry. And why I changed my name.

The calender says Spring and therefore it is time for Spring cleaning, change and new things. At this point I'm tripping over various boxes in my tiny appartment. All of which contain goodies, orders and books for The Hive. These past weeks I have pushed those boxes from left to right. Stacked them here and over there. I really cannot wait to put everything to good use and also conquer my appartment back. For some months I have contemplated making a change to my online names. I was a law student in univesity and spend many a nights in the local laundromat. While my clothes tumbled in the washer I studied and wrote my papers. There was a washer in my student dorm, however not one week passed where an angry woman put up a note complaining and ranting, that someone had opened the washer and stolen her underwear. I was one of those women, but contrary to the other women, I never wanted my underwear back! I still love laundromats. They disappear from city centers, but when I see one I just have to step inside. The vintage interior is dear to my heart and I inhale the smell of detergent deeply. So the name "Girl in the Laundromat" was fitting and I wore it proudly.
One of my best girl friends and I celebrated my birthday once in a laundromat, with an awesome photo shooting.

The photo above was used for learning material for elementary school children. I'm not kidding. Here you go. Children have to mark how laundry was done previously and today and how many steps were/are necessary.

The other day I was asked what my online name is and I hesitated before answering. I felt silly being the Girl in the Laundromat. I didn't feel it was the right fit anymore. So it was time for a change and a new name was quickly found while walking my dog through Hamburg earlier today.
Goodbye "Girl in the Laundromat" and Hello "It's on with Yvonne". I really love that it rhymes. I like that my name is used and also like the meaning of It's on". It feels strong, it has a let's-do-it attitude and most importantly it feels so me, so Yvonne.
Therefore, welcome to the new chapter. If you are using Bloglovin or a new reader it is time to update. Please follow my blog with Bloglovin.


Verena | hamburg von innen said...

Yeah, nice new name, Yvonne! Congratulations and kudos to that big decision!
Can't wait to meet you at TheHive :)

Dolna said...

I am totally with you about the name change! I think none should stick to something only because it was "done" or because of sentimentality. If you feel you need a change then go for it - thats what i would do. And a great name choice, truly! x Dolna

ps. I love that laundry photo, how cool is it to be in a learning material LOL !!