March 9, 2015

Girls night out in Vienna

Not only did I got to see so many sights during the day while in Vienna, but Ania took me to some wonderful places to make the most of my stay. Cocktails, sparkling wine, theater and greasy food. Sounds like fun girls nights out? Absolutly! Take a look at the phone pictures.
Please keep in mind, Ania and I are not in our early 20ies anymore. It needs to be said! Therefore our girls night out are less wild, but they still involve drinks. Like sparkling wine at Zum Schwarzen Kameel. This place is as Viennese as it gets. Old fashioned interior, waiters in white smoking jackets bringing you drinks and smoking in the bar. I loved it.

It can't come as a suprise that I booked my ticket to a theater even before I booked the plane.
The Burgtheater is one of the most important German language theaters worldwide! Some amazing acters and actresses have taken the stage. Ania joined me in watching Macbeth with Klaus Maria Brandauer. We both had a crush on him in Out of Africa. Yes, he is 71 years old now and Out of Africa is 30 years ago, but you can't help but think of the movie when he takes the stage and starts to speak. The Burgtheater itself is beautiful. In my enthusiasm, when I finally was able to secure a ticket, I didn't see that the play would be four hours long. Oh, the things I do for plays. But I was sitting in the front row, so no complaining here.

Ania suggested that we have cocktails on my last night in Vienna at the hotel bar of the Hotel Sacher. Everybody knows the Café Sacher and the Sachertorte, but it seems the hotel bar of the Sacher, the Blue Bar is less know. This bar is true to its name. Blue, as far as you can see. The cocktails were great and you get indeed the feeling that you are sitting in a jewellery box. You gonna love it!

Regardless how old you are and how wild or tame the night out has been, you get hungry late in the evening and you crave greasy food. No difference here. Lucky us that right across from the Hotel Sacher was a sausage stand. Krainer sausage with bread it was. Vienna is as beautiful at night as it is during the day. I cannot wait to go back there someday soon.

The short of it: 
Aperitif at Zum Schwarzen Kameel
Great plays at the Burgtheater
Cockatils at Blue Bar at Hotel Sacher
You can get Krainer sausage all over Vienna at the sausage stands. Just follow your nose.