February 14, 2015

Sappy love songs.

I actually like Valentine's Day. For me, it is not only about "The One". It is about all the people (and that one dog!) who are close to my heart. Who I care about, who I'm worried about, who I want to be happy and do so very well in life. My friends, family members, neighbors, former colleagues, other bloggers and yes, also the man, who is very special to me.
Love songs are great. Some of them are amazing and put into words exactly how one feels. I have received some mixed tapes from boys in school. I remember listening to them over and over until that tape would just give in and be stuck in the tape recorder. If my love had cooled at this point, this would be one sign I could accept. But there are also some very creepy, bad and sappy love songs. The funny thing is, that usually everybody knows the lyrics to these songs.
I put together 15 cheesy love songs on Spotify. And yes, I'm guilty for knowing all the lyrics by heart.
What others songs should be on this list?

Happy Valentine's Day everybody.
Be the love you seek. Today and any day