February 23, 2015

Oh, Vienna!

I have only been to Vienna once for a few days, but I can honestly say this beautiful city has crept into my heart and will forever be a destination I can see myself go back to again and again. Even though I was a tourist, thanks to my wonderful friend and host Ania, I think I got some great insights into Vienna. I stayed in a small hotel for some days and then stayed with Ania. She blogged about the wonderful appartment on her blog right here.
Sitting on her sofa and looking out of the window, this is the view

Thanks to some internet searches and blog reading, I had a pretty nice list of things I wanted to see and do in Vienna. Looking over my snaps I can say, I did pretty much can check off every point on it. Well, wait! I didn't get any Palatschinken (Austrian for pancake)! A good reason to come back to Vienna, I guess.

We also went to Demel to have some cake and hot chocolate. While I waited outside I saw so many people go in this very well known café. Thinking there is no way, we could get a table. Turns out, this café is much bigger than you would think! Spread over various levels, every nook at Demel is put to good use. It is all you imagine a Viennese café should be. Big chandeliers on the ceiling, velvet curtains on the windows, art on the wall and cake. Oh my, the cake. On the ground floor you find the shop, which sells pretty things that make a good present for people at home. You can also see the cake shop, where the cakes are made that you can pick out to enjoy.

Is this a tourist-y place right on the shopping street Graben? Yes, it is! But it is must do nonetheless.