January 7, 2015

Going to Vienna and having no clue

I'll start this brand, spanking New Year by hopping on a plan and travel to Vienna later this month. My list of places, I want to go to, is long. Like a mile and then some. Vienna has been on that list for quite some time, but I made up my mind, that I want to see this beautiful city in Winter.
When I heard that my friend Ania, The New Diplomat's Wife, returned to her old stomping ground for some weeks, I jumped on that chance to spend some time with her and also scratch Vienna of that travel list.

It shouldn't come us a surprise, that I already booked my theatre ticket and I can't hardly contain my excitement about that. I also have extensive plans to eat my way through the Kaffeehäuser there. Cake and desserts galore. But that is about it. Therefore I'm asking you for help.

Have you been to Vienna? Do you have some must do tips for me? Maybe you have written a blog post I can check out? Help a girl out, please.