December 19, 2014

Writing Holiday cards. An idiots guide.

One would think that writing Holiday cards would be easy pickins and certainly doesn't require a ten step guide. And you would be right. But this is an idiots guide for writing cards and when I say idiot, I'm talking about myself. I really need to remind myself of these steps, when I finally get my act together and send some cards to my loved ones.
Here is my check list:

1. Buy Christmas cards.
It all starts here. Each year I plan to buy some cards. Sometimes I even kid myself and think I could diy some great ones. That never works out. I also go into a store more than once, just to look at the cards and thinking: Yes, these might be it! Which brings me to no. 2.

2. Start early.
The fact that I write this post on Dec. 19th, tells you that I dropped the ball here (again). Usually I have plans to cozy up somewhere nice, with some coffee and write my cards. Every once in a while that "somewhere nice" is actually the post office itself. Last minute. Don't be like me. Start early.

3. Check the pen, you plan to use.
It has happen to me, that the pen I use runs out of ink or smudges. Then you have to use another one and it just doesn't look nice anymore. So what do you do? You rip the card up and need to start over. With one card short now and you are thinking about who won't be getting a card this year.

4. Wash your hands.
Another one of those things that should be clear.  Learn from my mistakes.

5. Check the names.
A little smudge here and there could be overlooked. But nothing is so embarrassing as a misspelled name. Sarah or Sara? Hannah or Hanna? Hailey or Hayley?

6. Holiday card = Holiday stamps.
A regular stamp will do, of course. But if you make it till here, let's go the extra mile.

7. Have the addresses ready.
Having to ask family and friends: "what's your address again?" especially while writing the cards will very likely result in not sending them at all. If you have to wait for an answer finishing them might slip down on your to do list. Or fall off completely. Been there, done that!

8. Keep them clean and dry until no. 10
You finally wrote the cards and now they have to be kept save until you send them off. On the bottom of my handbag you find cookie crumbs, small change and old receipts. I just throw stuff in it. Right on those clean cards. Which won't be clean anymore. I have blamed the post man before for the look. Sorry post man.

9. Don't forget Santa.
There are a bunch of addresses in various countries to where you can send cards and wishlists. We all know, that those are just sub post offices, that collect all the mail and then set it to the secret address of Santa. Of course, his address is secret, he doesn't want people showing up at his door unannounced, naturally.

10. Send them off!
This is the point, where I'm very likely to fall off the wagon. I would be embarrassed to tell you how many times I went through all the points above, just to forget the cards in my handbag or that they are buried somewhere on my desk and never make it into the mailbox. But not this year!

Please tell me, that I'm not the only one that needs a list like this! Please?!