December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015.

Here we go again. A year has past and I can't deny that I get a little melancholic. Mostly about things that I haven't done.
Oh, 2014, you were mediocre. Not great, but not aweful either. The most important things in life, such as health and love stayed pretty much untouched. For the past years I have had the feeling, that I work towards something. That I have to lay the concrete first, in order to built a project on it. It finally feels like the concrete is down and has dried and strong enough to carry projects. Some decisions have been made already and the first steps have been taken. I start this new year with a blank book. I don't feel I carry any unfinished business into 2015. So what could be better than a blank book, with pages to fill?

Maybe I needed 2014 to be mediocre, since 2013 certainly wasn't fun. I haven't had a resolution list in a long time and if I had one things like losing weight (even though I should), doing more sports (I doubt this will happen) or stop smoking ( I never smoked once) would never be on it. But this time there is a small list. I have learnt that I can only change things, when I acknowledge them. I need to stop planing the year in big steps and only from a business stand point. My personal life was kind of neglected, at least it feels like that. I start with the New Year, plan to April/May when The Hive - a gathering of digital storytellers, tastemakers & blogger takes place. Plan to my birthday in August, wait till after the summer and I get going with The Hive again and then it is already the end of the year. Not in 2015! I learned my lessons and I'm ready to do things differently in this new year. Stopping and smelling the flowers will be one of those things.

So, 2015. Let's do this thing, I'm grabbing you by the horns.

This photo below is me as a foreign exchange student in 1994/1995. We celebrated at a roller skating ring. I was 16 years old. I was clearly a fan of hair spray.

Happy New Year!
I wish you good health, lots of luck and even more love.


Bente said...

Hi Yvonne,
2014 was a great year for me - except for one fact: I havn't been at The Hive. It's time for a change. ;)
I like your picture btw. It reminds me of my own crazy New Year's Eve party back then.
Have a nice 2015.

Anonymous said...

I hope that in 2016 you will be able to look back at 2015 and be happy with everything that you have achieved. Make it happen!