October 27, 2014

Luxemburg, Anne and her book

It's like this: When you start out with blogs, you likely read the big ones with a big following. From there you find your own interests or that match your personal life the best.
It was like that for me. For you, too?
When we founded and organized the very first The Hive, we invited those bloggers that we always wanted to meet. So I invited Anne to The Hive. I can't recall how I stumpled upon her blog and even though I'm far from being a food blogger I came back to her blog time and again. I wrote her a long email in which I told her, that I had been a silent reader for quite some time and that I really enjoyed her blog. I ended my mail with an invitation to come to Berlin in May 2012 and give a food photography workshop. When Anne answered my mail, telling me she would love to come, I jumped up and down in my appartment.
I met her during the pre The Hive meeting with all speakers and we got along just perfectly! Since that day, we have become closer and can truely call each other friends.

So I have seen Anne blog evolve into her own brand and I have cheered her on, when she recently travelled Europe to film a new season for her show and create the content for her second cookbook. This cookbook was published in her native Luxemburg last week and I wanted to be there.

In the name of friendship I travelled from Hamburg via Copenhagen to Luxemburg. I'm not that good in geography, but isn't that a silly route to take? If you follow me on Instagram, you know what very small plane took me from Copenhagen to Luxemburg.
Motion sickness has become worse with age and to make a very uncomfortable story short, I haven't been so sick in quite some time.

But Luxemburg people, now that is some fantasy country. The travel route has me convinced. The language does the rest and for me, a royalista, the royal family is the icing on the fantasy cake.

Anne presented her book in the cutest little booth. Pardon the photo quality, I forgot my camera at home and needed to rely on my phone.

Yes, there was sangria. Annes sister and I enjoyed that quite a lot. Topped of with champagne, later with the family, we got quite light headed.
Anne signed for two hours book after book. Some people bought 3-4 books at once. Christmas shopping sorted! Before the signing we walked around a little and Anne was stopped by two older ladies who asked: "Annes's kitchen?". People waited patently in line: young and older folks, kids, dogs, you name it.
It was so great seeing how people love her and are thrilled to see her. I'm not surprised they do, though. If you ever run into Anne, you will see that she is one of the kindest, most welcoming and most positive people you are ever going to meet. There is rarely a moment she doesn't smile. I fall for people, who enjoy the nicer things in life, not only food, and Anne is one of them. That's why she is so successful. I'm so glad that the people of Luxemburg know, what a wonderful gem comes out of their midst. And I'm so glad I have that gem as my friend.

Muah to you, Anne. I will be there for more important days in your life, for sure!

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Anne's Kitchen said...

Yvonne my dear, thank you so much for this heartfelt post!!! And, of course for jumping on two (very wobbly) planes to come and be there on my big day! Big hug! xxx