June 24, 2014

This ones for you, Summer!

The first day of summer has come.
One of the few sights of Summer, in my city, is this painted sheet metal above, that is built around a construction site. It screams holidays at the Amalfi coast or somewhere in Greece. I love summer in the city and actually don't have to leave. Not that I say no to a trip. 

Unfortunantelly in my neck of the woods Summer is long overdue. When I take Superdog outside, I'm wearing a scarf these days. A scarf!

During the summer time feet are supposed to be dirty from walking on grass, fingers are sticky from eating watermelons, tan lines on shoulders and shaking sand out of shoes. Getting caught up in summer rain, that passes as quickly as it came and feels oh, so good on bare skin. The sun should have people out of bed early and the long warm evenings, should keep them out of bed until very late at night. The smell of sun tan lotion and grilled food should fill noses. Ice cream should be breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ice cream is considered a snack, too, you know?! Summer also exposes tattoos on arms, backs and calves, even though some should stay hidden. Thanks to the sun, freckles appear on noses, which personally I find charming on people.
Life happens outside during the summertime: in parks, at beaches, in pools. Music blasting out of convertibles at red traffic lights. Flirting is easy, as it should be. During all seasons. All interaction between people has an easieness about it. Lots of smiles. 
Summer is a drive in movie theater, that I so desperatly want to go to. Sitting in the back seat with that special someone as you move closer to one another while a movie, preferably an old one, is enjoyed on the big screen. They are dissapearing and are replaced with movies in the park. Lounging on blankets, while sharing good food and a bottle of wine is a good alternative, though.
Summer means sun glasses. I keep losing mine over and over during the year. So often, that I haven't owned a pair longer than two weeks. 
Summer also means my birthday. My birthday is still some weeks away. However, I would hate to wear jacket and scarf on that day, too!

Summer, I'm ready for you.