May 27, 2014

A different look at The Hive 2014

There was a time when I thought bringing The Hive to Copenhagen must have been one of the silliest ideas I ever had. I'm going to be honest, there was also a time, I thought I just cancel The Hive 2014 all together. But after some cake and chocolate (and I'm not kidding) these thoughts were gone and made room for the "Let's do it" mentality.  

And where did this mentality lead me to? To the best The Hive ever! That's where!

The Scandic Sydhavnen has been the most perfect location for us. Offering a conference wing, where we wouldn't disturb the other hotel guests, setting up everything the way we wanted to and most importantly having all conference rooms on the same floor, without having to run all over the place in order to find the right speaker.
Together with great food (hello Jamie Oliver!) and a helpful team of Scandic employees and my volonteers made for very smooth sailing. I couldn't have asked for more.
As a matter of fact I was waiting for the storm on Saturday. But that one never came. All the hard work of so many people came together and the puzzle was complete.
Don't get me wrong, there is always room for improvement, but if you had been at The Hive last year, you know exactly what I'm speaking about.

I like to believe The Hive is different than other conferences. It is about making the blogger better and in turn make the blog better. That is why we also offer workshops like calligraphy!  Jump starting thoughts, challening to try new things, networking and meeting so many bloggers offline, that you had followed on various online channels or being honest, that's what The Hive should be all about.
You can also hear that in the wonderful presentations we had this year. It was all about being open, honest, vulnerable. Not the touchy-feely kind of conference, but also not the kind where we are judgemental.

"I was actually very nervous about coming to The Hive this year. It took a whole day for me to relax enough to enjoy the conference after being at The Hive last year in Berlin".
Those were the words of a German attendee at this years The Hive in Copenhagen.
And I know exactly what she was taking about. This year has been a lot like the first The Hive in 2012. People were curious, open, kind, asked questions and were interested.

Last year was a different story. People were judgemental, looking up and down on people with a smaller following, very clique-y (as someone put it), but most importantly not kind. These people were a reason not to travel to Copenhagen this year. The attendees who had this happening told me that.
The atmosphere was everything but relaxed. I will work very hard in this year to make sure a the same wonderful, thriving and encouraging atmosphere will be in Berlin 2015.

Organizing The Hive this year in Copenhagen has been the most difficult project, but also the most rewarding one. My friends had to listening to my concerns more than once.
The fact that The Hive 2013 in Berlin didn't go down as smooth as I wanted it, which isn't a secret, also added to my nervousness. There had been last minute cancellations, which I had to cover, combined with some other worries. Personally and professionally.
But there have also been so many people who have been a neverending source of ideas, input and also a lot of help. These wonderful people got me in contact with other people, picked things up, shared their thoughts, jumped in when a speaker had cancelled on very short notice (I'm talking 72 hours short notice) or simply listened to me. 

I said it once. I say it again. Thank you each and every one of you! For helping, for networking, for speaking and for coming. 

Will I see you in 2015 in Berlin?