March 11, 2014

I fell in love {with Paris} Part 1

My very close and dear friend S. has been to Paris more than once and she kept telling me that this is her favorite European city. That Paris was so beautiful and she wants to return over and over again. 
I usually nodded and told her inattentively "yes, you might be right, Stockholm is nice too or Vienna" or I said "One day I might make it to Paris".

One day came a few weeks ago. I had to work in Paris, but mostly went there to play. I had some appointments to keep, but my days were spend just wandering through this city.
I only had three days and since this was my first time there I stuck with the classic sightseeing.

Love is all around in Paris. Maybe it is a clichée, that I wanted to read into this place, maybe it was all the loved up couples. But the signs of love are all over Paris. 
I assumed that there would be bridges with love locks. These can be found in all major cities and close to major sights, it seems. I had no idea just how many would be on the bridges right next to Notre Dame. Rows and rows of locks from all over the world. Some people obviously came prepared, knowing well they would attach a lock onto the bridge to make their love visible. Their locks were engraved with names and/or dates. Others probably bought a lock from one of the many vendors, that can be found on the bridges that sell them overpriced. Not to mention that the permanent maker is available too, equally overpriced. 

I can't imagine that, once you have attached your lock, you will ever find it again. But it is the thought that counts, no?

But there are more love signs in Paris. Did you know about the "Love Wall"? 
It is a wall in Montmatre at the Place des Abbesses. On it you can find "I love you" written in many languages. Even in sign language. 

After a meeting with some time to kill untill dinner with bloggers, I decided to go up to Montmatre and look around there. The weather was glorious. After climbing many, many, many stairs and finally getting my breath back, realizing that I really got to do something about my shape, I found myself on the stair of Sacre Coer overlooking Paris. 

And it was while sitting on the stairs of Sacre Coer and soaking up the sights and sounds around me, that I texted my dear friend S. appologizing to her for not taken her words seriously. Because she was right all along. She also said I should try eating clams. I did stay away from that, though. I'm sorry for ever doubting you, S.! I'll never do it again. 

Paris is so wonderful and gorgeous. It just does things to you. You walk around this city like a smiling idiot. You order cafe au lait and eat macarons. Actually you eat your way through all the various baked goods. You convince yourself that your French is nearly perfect, just because you remembered some words from your school days, that are more than a decade ago. Your daydreams even go so far, that you have visions of an appartment with wood floors and shutters. You open them each day to the sight of the very impressive Eiffel Tower while sipping more cafe au lait and the smell of freshly baked bread, from the bakery on the ground floor, comes through the open windows.
Oh, yes, I did it all.


Anne's Kitchen said...

Ah Yvonne, I'm a skeptic when it comes to Paris - I much prefer London and Berlin. But somehow your post has made me reconsider and maybe I'll give Paris a shot again sometime in the near future :)

Anya Jensen said...

I looooove Paris (and London, and Berlin and Barcelona - I could go on:-)
These images are fab, and isn't it fun you get to meet fellow bloggers everywhere you go - canøt wait to catch up here xx