February 24, 2014

January is not my month. Superdog would agree.

So, here I am again. The worst blogger slash conference founder on this green earth. I really need to get into the swing of things. It is not you, it is me. Nothing personal. Please bear with me. 

Shall we start by talking about this new year, that is actually already nine weeks old?
A new year is exciting. You start of with a clean slate. New projects in the pipeline. After the holidays, which make everything stop in its tracks, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Unfortunantelly, this has never been the case for me. I usually feel guilty about this. I feel like locking myself into my place and continue to polish off all that chocolate that is left over. 

Superdog would actually agree this year. Some months ago I found a lump on his leg. The vet thought it might be a clogged sebaceous glan, but it got bigger and over Christmas I found three more lumps on his back and knee. Pea size and under his skin. So, off to the vet we went, who we left 30 minutes later with an appointment for surgery the following week. I got him back from surgery that very evening.

I had various bandages all over him. He looked like he had been attacked by post its. 
Here he is back home on the same evening while still struggeling with being sedated.

Don't you just feel sorry for him? He had trouble drinking, the water just spilled all over the kitchen. During the wake up process at the vet he had peed on himself. We were both not happy campers. We had a rough night, I tell you!
But my big guy was back to his old, loveable self on the next day. 
To keep him from licking his wound I tried to use a plastic funnel on him. That didn't go down very well. 

So I left it off. But because he kept licking at the wound at night, it got infected. Therefore we were loaned a soft "plate" with a hole in it. Much better!

The lab results took a week to get back in. To make a long story short: Those lumps are benign tumors. They are gone for now and they could stay away for the next three years or I'm back at that vet in six months. And then those tumors could be malignant.
Until that day, I'm just thankful to have him healthy and smiling.

Yes, Karlsson does know how to smile. And so do I. Even if it is in January.