December 4, 2013

Theater on Broadway

My friends will tell you, just how much I love the theater. My love for theater was one reason I chose New York for my trip. I bought my tickets online, weeks before the trip: Romeo & Juliet, The Glass Menagerie and Waiting for Gordot. 
I wanted to see more, but the ones I had in mind where sold out during my stay. If you know me, you know that watching a play on Broadway is big for me. The plays could have been awful (but were not), I still would have loved every minute of it.

I had a matinée date with Orlando Bloom in Romeo and Juliet in Rodgers Theater. 

The advantage about a matinée is, that you probably won't sit in a sold out theater. The disadvantage is, that you might sit there with a students, who are dealing with this particular play in class. Contrary to Germany, where the matinées are Sundays, they are on Wednesday afternoon on Broadway. 
Right on Time Square is a red cube, where you can buy tickets, get there early. Once Times Square fills up, the lines in front of it will be long. 

Of course, Orlando Bloom plays Romeo. He comes on stage with a motorcycle, takes his helmet off and the girls in the rows in front of me nearly fainted. He also has a scene with no shirt on. Oh, yes, the girls almost lost it.
I secretly took this photo of the Romeo & Juliet cast at the end.

If I were to recommend five all-time-must-see-plays, The Glass Menagerie would be in that list. I have seen it four times now. One review of the New York Times says: "Be prepared to have the breath knocked out of you". Oh, so true!

Unfortunantelly I forgot my camera back at the hotel when I went to see Waiting for Gordot. I know, I know. Another play on the list to see. Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart on stage. What is not to love?