December 2, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge has always symbolized New York for me. I see the bridge, I think about New York. Even though I had been to New York before, I never walked across it. This time I had it on my to do list.

To be honest the skyline of Brooklyn is not that impressive (sorry Brooklyn!), so you want to take the subway over to Brooklyn and walk towards Manhattan and enjoy that view. Therefore don't get off at Brooklyn Bridge station, just keep going on more stop! Or walk towards Brooklyn and back over to Manhattan. I won't judge you.

When you get off at High Street station for example, it is just about 10 minutes by foot to the bridge and to a very small, almost missable flight of stairs, that get's you up on the bridge.
But don't walk over just yet or you're missing out. 

Right underneath the bridge is a small little sandwich place, called No. 7 Sub. Not being one to say no to a sandwich, like ever, I enjoyed lunch and a wonderful view.

Also located underneath the bridge is Jane's Carousel. Another point on my to do list. A wonderfully restored carousel, close to a hundred years old. To protect the carousel from the weather, it is within a glass cube. 2 Dollars, one ticket. 

Signs around Brooklyn Bridge park show you the way up onto the bridge. Walking across over to Manhattan takes about 30-45 minutes. 

At many landmarks around the world, people have started attaching locks, it seems. Brooklyn Bridge is no different. But there are not many opportunities to do so.

Brooklyn Bridge, it was nice spending time with you. You will always be "New York" for me.

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Accelerated Stall said...

So much more there than when I was a kid - love to see what cities do with "wasted" spaces.