November 19, 2013

New York, New York

Oh, New York. You are loud, hectic, so big and crowded. But you also have so many great places to visit, sandwiches to eat (oh, those sandwiches!) and things to do. You have a tight grip on my heart, Big Apple. 

Even before I booked my flight I knew I was less interested in shopping and more interested in doing things and going places. I had a pretty good list of theaters, museums and also of places where I want to eat. Food also has a tight grip on my heart. And hips. 

Am I the only one that worries if I have all the necessary papers to travel to the US? I did have all the papers, but I received the wrong stamp with the wrong date at the customs.

I picked the perfect time to travel. Right after Halloween, with some sunny and cold days, but the city hasn't gone crazy with all those Christmas decorations just yet.

In advanced I booked my ticket to the 9/11 Memorial. The ticket is for free and need to be picked up some streets away from the memorial. I have been to the World Trade Center when there were still towers. I knew how big those were. However I was not prepared for the size of the memorial nor for the noise the water makes. There are two big pools. One for each tower.

I love riding on the subway and I was proud of myself for figuring out the lines and stops. And then I learnt that my new found knowledge was useless on the weekends. Because schedules are totally off then. 
Sometimes I was not sure if the station was still in use, since some of them look so run down. But that is part o the charm for me.

A coffee cup was almost always in my hands, I crossed the street even when it was red and I rolled my eyes when people were not walking fast enough. Yes, I'm a New Yorker deep down it seems. 

I read about the photobooth at the New York Public Library. Actually it is not a photo booth as you might expect. When you enter the lobby, it is on the left next to the stairs. It is a small grey post. That's it. You could easily miss it. Once you take the photo, you are asked to type in your name, where you are from and what do you do at the library. Hit send and your photo appears on various tvs in the library.

When I told my friends about my to do list, she made me go to Magnolia Bakery. She kept saying that this bakery shows up in movies and tv series and I just had to go eat cupcakes there. So I went. This chocolate cheesecake I ate for her. Not for my own pleasure, of course.

This, however, I ate for my very own pleasure! I just love me some deli sandwiches with roastbeef. I ate more of these that I am willing to admit.

Besides walking for miles and miles I also spend so much time in Central park, museums, in theaters and on fleamarkets. More to come.


Giova Brusa said...

I'm glad you fell in love with the city. I lived there for many years, and I must say it is one of the best in the world.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

I just can't wait to go - fingers crossed next year, I know I'm going to love it!

Maria Falvey said...

Nicely done - looks like a good time was had in NYC.