November 21, 2013

Love made visible in Central Park

During my stay in New York, I had planed to walk through Central Park from the Upper East Side to the museum on the Upper West Side. It took me more than three hours to do so. On my way to the other side I stopped at the benches and took photos of the plaques on them. One more row of benches, I kept thinking. Just one more. I ended up taking the photos of more than 140 benches.
There are more than 9.000 benches in the park and about 2.000 have plaques on them. And adopting a bench is pricey! It starts at 7.500$ but then this bench will be yours for life. I assume the bench life, not only yours. Read an article in New York Times about them here.

Some benches are for animal lovers

Some benches remember loved ones. I visible sign for strangers, that this person was alive and loved.

Some plaques express gratitude 

Some benches are meant for someone special to rest on

Other plaques have a meaning that only insiders will understand

Some benches are meant for lovers

I wonder how many people have popped the question in Central Park? I would assume a lot and many benches are witness to this moment. 

I could have spend many more hours reading every single plaque. For me, it is love made visible!


Anya Jensen said...

LOVE it - need to visit there myself :-)

Anonymous said...

Now I regret I have bought a washing machine, never again will I find inspiration in the laundromat. So, many thanks for sharing your thoughts and your pics ! From an anonymous French lover...