October 31, 2013


I'm travelling to New York for a week next Tuesday. I'm going to meet some people for The Hive, but most importantly I'm planing to enjoy the city. When I was there the last time, New York still had the World Trade towers. So it's time to return to the Big Apple.

As a theater buff I plan to watch not one, not two, but five plays!! Tickets are either booked or reserved. 
There are some amazing plays on stage on Broadway right now. I plan to watch these: 

Oh, yes. I'm doing it. I will watch Orlando Bloom on stage. Everybody knows the story.

This is quite an old play. But one of the classics. A boy in military school is accused of stealing money. A shame for the family. The boy says he didn't take it, the father believes him. The father fights for the good name of the family and even hires the best lawyer to wash the name clean. This fight costs the family a lot of money and even more time.

One of my favorites plays. But this time the cast was a seller for me. Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on stage. Gandalf and Mr. Picard. How can I not buy tickets?
The play is about, you guessed it, waiting. Two hobos sitting on the side of the road and they wait that someone called Godot shows up.

Now, this is a MUST when watching a show in New York. The New York City Cast shows the orginal movie each Friday and Saturday at midnight and certain scenes are being played live in front of the screen. 

Another one of my favorites. The play tells the story of a mother with her two grown children. A son and a daughter. The father has left the family some time ago, the son is supposed to take care of the family, but just wants leave. The daughter has a foot deformation and is quite shy. The mother, a Southern belle, wants to make sure her daughter is marrying a good (aka rich) guy. One evening this guy, a friend of the son, is coming to dinner.

If I had time, there would be some more plays that I would love to watch. So looking forward to spending time on Broadway.