September 11, 2013

No situation to make a fool of myself.

Last week I was invited to give a presentation about blogger relations at UMPR, a pr agency here in Hamburg. The ladies working there, have been to The Hive twice. 
I met them, when I applied for a job there. It didn't work out with a job. But we stayed in contact and I knocked on their door, when we were looking for sponsors for the conference.

My first reaction, when I received the invitation, was: "Heck no! I won't do it!" But I answered: "Of course. I'd be delighted to do it." 

So there I was. I worked so hard on this presentation, because the clients of the agency (marketing and pr experts), plus the employees were listening. Surely, no situation in which you want to make a total fool out of yourself. Keep the jokes to yourself, be prepared and do not curse, if something goes wrong. I did well. I was even able to answer questions. Score!

My friend snaped this photos with her phone.  

You see that baby picture in the back? That's me as a child. On this slide I say: If you ask my mother what I do for living, you will get one of two answers.
Either she says I studied law. Which is true. I did, but never graduated with a degree in law.  Or my mother will tell you I work with computers. That tells you everything and nothing. 


This is me with my first glass of wine of the evening. 
I post this photo not because of the wine, but because I'm astonished, that I don't look ...  how can I put it? ... massive! Go ahead and look at the photos from The Hive on our Flickr page (here). Find me and you will see, that the upper part of my body is one huge area.
Either I lost weight or I wear something suitable for my body. Regardless, I like both options.

I was extremly nervous before the presentation. Yes, I have done this before. In English and German. I do it in front of European bloggers every year.  Everytime I pressed the button to go on to the next slide I could feel my hand shaking. 
However, It was great to talk about a topic that is so dear to my heart. 

Thanks UMPR for having me! 

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Monsterscircus said...

Hi Yvonne.
Wonderful to hear your presentation worked out amazing, how could you be nervous for anything else?!! Love your casual and self-irony and just can't wait to met you in person! You definitely look lovely like on all the other photos I've seen of you. Have a beautiful day Yvonne and enjoy the week, best Mette