August 27, 2013

Brainstorming, bloggers & a sick one on the couch in Copenhagen. But there was cake.

During the organization of the last The Hive - The European Blog Conference, we decided to come to Copenhagen for next years event. We also decided we want to have a brainstorming event with bloggers. The Hive needs new ideas, new blood, but also feedback so we know what to do better or differently. That brainstorming event was this past weekend in Copenhagen. 

I've had a pretty eventful journey to Denmark, I tell you. It doesn't happen too often that a guy gets arrested right in front of me and the customs officers inform each other, that the man smuggeled "80-100 body packs of either cocain or heroin". That's some action for you right there. While I was starring out the window, the customs officer showed me his id and asked to where I was traveling and if I had any substances on me.
(Seriously, does anybody ever answer "yep, sure do. There is a bag of drugs right in that small bag inside my suitcase"?) Well, I didn't carry anything like that on me. The customs officer said, he had asked me, because I kept starring out the window. 
I informed him, I did that because I don't know what the etiquette is in cases like these. Do I watch with delight and interested? Or do I leave? There is probably no etiquette for situation like these. And since there isn't (please correct me if I'm wrong!) I guess taking a blurry iPad photo can't be considered inappropriate, no? I did it for blogging reasons obviously.

Let's not focus on the gorgeous people of Copenhagen, who are so über-stylish, it waters my eye. It is just not fair, that you can look this great by just wearing black pants and a nude shirt. What else is there in Copenhagen to see?

I want to talk about that last picture: Danish pastries! The top button of my pants cried a little in that bakery. I give you a closer look. Here:
On top of the crust is a thin layer of marzipan, then chocolate, a lot of whipped cream and some strawberries.

Juliane of Fröken Skicklig, Giova of One Bunting Away, Judith of Joelix and I celebrated Anya Adores birthday that day with cake, presents and Danish flags, naturally.

Those are also the participants in the brainstorming weekend. Actually it was just a day. Because shortly before the above photo was taken I kind of collapsed sick.
I haven't been so sick in years. I woke up not feeling well, it got better during the morning. But during the brainstorming I couldn't take it.
Even though the brainstorming was cut short, I heard some very interesting thoughts that can only help The Hive. Some feedback confirmed my thoughts and some was "great idea".
Thanks girls! Looking forward to hearing more.

The next and last day I spend mostly sick on the sofa of a beautiful appartment, with some fun details, I had rented.

I had hoped my trip home would be smooth sailing. Oh, was that bubble busted! I meet up with another blogger, Ania, the new diplomats wife, and after coffee I was on time on the platform written on my ticket. But the train didn't stop there! By the time I dragged myself to the right platform, I could only wave the train good bye!
The next train left an hour later. Unfortunantelly it wasn't one that goes straight onto the ferry between Denmark and Germany, but one that stops at every gas station in the country. I was home in Hamburg 3 hours later than I expected.
Home sweet home. For a moment or two I thought I will never leave my home again.

Copenhagen, it was fun staying with you. Boy, are you pretty. Looking forward to bringing The Hive to you next May.


Anya Jensen said...

Glad to hear you are better - sorry you felt sick and missed out on the fantastic weather and Copenhagen. Oh well you just have to come back soon. Much love

The New Diplomats Wife said...

it was so lovely to finally meet you in person! And I feel like the train my be my fault! As a habitual misser of trains myself, i fear the quality might be contagious! Glad you made it home!

Maria said...

A little bit of everything - and cake... well done!