August 29, 2013

Because deep down I'm a romantic sap.

One of my favorite movies is "Love actually". The movie where different scenes and people actually make sense and are connected by the end of the movie. 
I can watch it over and over again and I'm moved deeply by the end of the movie.

The movie starts with a scene at the airport and you hear Hugh Grants voice.
He says that there are always happy faces at the arrival gate of an airport. People laughing, crying tears of joy and are so happy to have their friends and loved ones back in their arms.

I love being at platforms of trainstations or at the airport. I watch people how joyful they are, but also how sad they can be when they need to say good bye.

I snapped this photo last week at the train station in Copenhagen. Focus on the couple on the right.

They hugged for a good while, when they separated he got into the train and found a seat right by the window. She remained on the platform. He got out his phone and was using it. And I thought: "Are you for real??? Don't dissapoint me, man!" But then he pointed at his phone and then at her. So obviously he had written her something. Romance mode back on! 

I love to be witness to these moments. They make me smile.

But I'm also an idiot every once in a while. Making up some tragic love story in my head! Once I caught myself having tears running down my cheek. Time to snap out of this.

Sometimes life is just better than any movie. Love is indeed all around.