July 18, 2013

Yellow Dog

I'm lucky when it comes to my dog. Superdog is seven years old and really likes most of other dogs. The ones he doesn't like, he ignores or doesn't go near them. I can count on my ten fingers how often he has gotten into a fight with another dog in his life. 

Hamburg is a dog city. There are a lot of dogs here and we live close to a dog park. So we meet many furry friends throughout the day. Some are friendly, some are not, some wanna play, some don't want my Superdog near them. Like every other male dog, he has a thing for girls. It's that time of the year again, and my piece of meat is making a move in the park or on the streets hoping to get lucky with the bitches (I guess in this content, it is the only appropriate way to use the b-word, right? Unless you are Brittany Spears, I suppose!).

Sometimes people holler that their dog is in heat, old or sick. When I see an owner putting the leash on or holding the dog closer, I make sure my dog stays right by my side.

By coincidence I heard about Gula Hund (Swedish for yellow dog). 
This wonderful project, founded in Sweden in 2012, promotes the use of yellow ribbons on a dog or the dog leash to indicate that this dog needs space. It indicates that you shouldn't touch this dog or let your own dog run up to the yellow dog. 
There are different reasons to give a yellow dog space. 
The yellow ribbon is not a substitute for a muzzle! 

I have to admit, that the way other owners tell me to keep my dog with me, rubs me the wrong way sometimes. I understand they might be hectic, nervous or simply are tired of dogs running up to them. Maybe I'm not in a good mood either. 
The yellow ribbon is a wonderful way to show clearly and without missunderstanding that your dog needs space and I need to make sure my dog stays away. 
It can be so easy!

I have never seen this yellow ribbon in use here in Hamburg. Have you?

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Anonymous said...

Gula Hund is a fantastic idea and I wish people in the US would adopt the policy. So many less than appealing situations could be avoided. Thanks for the tip
*big grin*