May 12, 2013


I always wanted a dog growing up. I wanted a big dog, a kind and friendly one. A dog that would be a great childhood friend to me.
I never had one. My mother is scarred of dogs. I had a rabbit. But that is another story.

Seven years ago I decided I had waited long enough for a dog. Seven years ago, on May 11th, 2006 my trusted companion was born.

Here is Superdog, when I picked him up. He was nine weeks old that day. Please ignore the out of shape woman (aka me) that adores the puppy. 

And here is my Superdog yesterday on his 7th birthday. Happy Birthday, big boy. You are so loved.

We celebrated with raw meat. And did all the things he enjoys doing: Swimming, rolling in mud, playing with a ball, eating and sleeping. 

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Anne's Kitchen said...

So cute that birthday meat-pie :) All the best to you and your little best friend! xxx