May 15, 2013

Online - Offline

I'm the first to admit, that I am a geeky nerd! I love everything digital and online. 
Internet? Can't live without it! 
New apps? Where can I download?
Last thing in my hands before I go to bed is the ipad? Guilty as charged! 

I have made so many friends online. And the best part of this, is meeting all these wonderful people offline. 
The best place where I can get to know all these people is The Hive - The European blog conference

I founded this conference together with Peggy of Paula et Paula. And it will take place again in 10 days in Berlin. Last year it took place for the first time and we were beyond thrilled that so many bloggers from all over Europe came to learn, share, network and have fun. Many of these bloggers will return this year. It is like a high school reunion. 

I was thrilled to meet the wonderful, talented, kind and über creative bloggers behind

Anne's Kitchen

 I wanted Anne to hold a food photography workshop. I have followed her blog for such a long time and I was thrilled she accepted my invitation. She sure rocked the workshop. It is save to say, that Anne and I have become friends! Together with another friend, we spend some time together in Amsterdam visiting Peggy. She will return to The Hive. It will be epic!

Design Mom
Gabrielle aka Design Mom sure doesn't need an introduction! When I contacted her to be a speaker at the first The Hive, I was flabbergasted that she said "yes, sure". Her presentation was one, with the most insights. Gabrielle gave great advice and gave numbers, which we loved. This is what The Hive is supposed to be all about.

Anya Adores

 I discovered Anyas blog when her name popped up in my mailbox that she had bought a ticket to the conference last year. I loved it ever since. And Anya happens to be such a great and kind person! She will return to The Hive. I sure hope we will have time for a glas of bubbly water!

Color Living

 I also found Tinas blog through the attendee list. She was the one who asked great questions thoughout the conference. I do love me a smart woman! Not only is she that, but also very helpful. She took the unofficial kick off get together under her wing! Thanks Tina.

The House that Lars Built
 Brittanys blog I have been following along for quite some time. So imagine my surprise, when she said she would come to The Hive. Her business cards were one of the best last year! And she accidently started a tradition at the conference with a simple sewing kit.
Fräulein Klein

Fräulein Kleins name is also Yvonne just like mine, so we are partner in crime. She came to The Hive to also hold a photography workshop.  Have you seen her photos? Perfect match!
I love that I know how the private woman behind this blog looks like.

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tina @ colourliving said...

It's so great to see so many familiar faces again. This year will be bigger and better!

Can't wait. Just over a week. x