May 16, 2013

Change is good.

Actually, I'm a blonde with green eyes. Always have been. 
Not one of those Hollywood goddesses silky blondes. More the blonde of a stray dog, that has had fun in some mud puddles. You get the idea. Every once in the while I pimped my hair color with some golden/honey highlights. Hoping I would look like one of those goddesses. 
Well, I'm a little further away from that goal than I would like to be. See? 

Anyway, secretly I have wanted to be a brunett for the longest time. My hair dresser though has been telling me I should stay away from brown. My skin color is too light and it would make me look sick. I listened and dreamed on.

And then some things changed in the last part of 2012. I got rid of some demons (aka an ex boyfriend and (knock on wood) the female stalker that I got because of him!) and made some changes in my career path. Apparently it is true, that when a woman gets rid of a man, she changes her hair.
One day not too long ago, I went to a different hair dresser and went for it. Told her I wanted to go from blondish to brunett. 

Three hours later...Boom!

I love it! I will stay a brunett for some time now. 

If you wanna see my face with it, come see me at The Hive - the European blog conference in Berlin. 

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Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I think you look great as a brunette! The hairdresser definitely picked a good shade for your skin coloring.