December 31, 2012

Dear 2012,

this is it. Another year has passed oh so quickly and I find myself writing another open letter.

I call you concrete year. At first not a very pleasant name. But it actually is. You are the year in which I poured the concrete for many great projects and plans to come true in 2013.
It already stared great. together with Peggy I foundet the European blog conference The Hive, we brought it to Berlin within four months and it turned out to be a success. Lucky us!
Unfortunantelly I totally neglected my own blog and I'm sorry about this. I will work on that and if I'm correct, than there will be a lot to blog about in the next 12 months. So please bear with me!
Thank you if you did these past months.


2012 you were good to me. Your catastrophies and bad luck never caught on with me and for that I'm thankful. But there is still lots of room for more.
You let me plan, you slowly but surley revealed the way for me, I have tried to find for so long.
I'm not standing firmly on this way, but I will pull my second leg up, dust off and move right along.

There are plans I haven't given up yet. My dream job for example. I just cannot let go. Not because I think I would be good at that (I do believe it though) but because I don't know if I'm NOT good at it.
The concrete is poured, further planing is on the way. But contrary to the last year, I'm in no hurry.
Yes, I learned to be patient. I'm still not liking it though.
New plans have been added to the mix. Like in what direction do we want The Hive to go.

I found wonderful new friends in 2012 and I realized I can lean on my old friends too. But I also find out that I canbe so very lazy! Oh, the things I could do, if I put my mind to it. I just happened to be the queen of procrastination.

This coming year has the potential to be a great one: professionally and personally.
I have left some big baggage behind. The old ghost of a relationship passed, that held me tightly in its grip for far too long, has been shaken off. I really hate that you can't just move on.
The only way out of a bad situation is always THROUGH! Not around, don't stop, just through.
Sometimes I had to crawl, sometimes I skipped like a little school girl. But I am through.
My problem with the female stalker has been over and done for me for a long time. Unfortunantelly not for her. Oh well, I accept it, smile about it and keep going.

I have thrown old ideas for my life over board. I still don't have any children. But I still would like to have kids. Do I want to be 44 years old, when I give birth to my first one? No! But I could be! That's actually a comfort to know.

Saying yes more often than no. Just because. Things could happen you know?!
Finally accepting, really accepting, that the pieces fall where they should. A little more effortlessness, when appropriate.

Oh, 2012, what a relief you have given me!

This is it, dear 2012. You have been important to me. I appreciate you now more in retrospect. Like an old friend who has given you advice and it only makes sense when this friend is gone.

I will remember you, concrete year. I hope that I have laid a strong foundation with you. I hope you carry my plans and I can built on you.

I raise my glass to you.

Yours with love,