June 14, 2012

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Do you remember that I applied for a job with my dream company? I blogged about that here.
And do you also remember that they didn't answer me? You can read about my heartbreak here.

I have never really given up on them.
Right now, I'm writing a thesis about social media and sports. My dream company is NASCAR.
So I combine my love for social media and everything digital with my love for fast cars.
Because of the thesis I contacted NASCAR again. This time I was more strategic. I made a power point presentation with mood photos, what I want to do and what the benefit is.

It worked!
NASCAR not only answered me, but they also supported me, by posting a link to a survey I conducted on their Facebook channel for 2,9 million fans to see.

One lucky fan indeed! That was and still is me. 

Happy, doesn't nearly describe how I felt.

The thesis will be done soon. Let's see where it takes me.

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Svenja said...

Awww-- that is awesome!! I am so happy for you!
I am so happy I bumped into your blog -- love it! Am your brand newest follower ;-)