February 15, 2012

Prague or how I lost a tooth

Because I'm the princess of procrasting you get to read about my trip to Prague, during which my two blogging friends and I planed The Hive - the first European blog conference, more than 6 weeks later.

But now I'm on track.

I went to Prague in January. I had hoped to have somebody sitting next to me on the short plane ride. Because I have a problem with the take off. I really, really need somebody holding my hand. There was nobody. Not next to me. Not in the row before or behind me.
I survived alright. But barely!

Prague is indeed gorgeous. Cold but really gorgeous. Take a look. 

I spend my weekend with these two lovely ladies. Peggy in front, Radostina behind her. Thanks to Radostina, we didn't have to look for a hotel, but could stay with her, her husband and dog Sam.


And this is said dog. This is Sam. He is awefully cute. And he snores a lot. That's cute, too.

On our first night together we went out to dinner and ordered glorious food. I had the traditional Svíčková (for you not fluent in czech: rast sirloin in creamy sauce).


And we had cocktails. 

And we had bread. That's when it happened. You see those little mason jars? Wonderful stuff was in there to put onto bread and enjoy. We also enjoyed the fries with cheese you see in the background.
I took a bite of my piece of bread, not even hard bread, and I chewed. Chewed some more until I realized I had something hard in my mouth. I thought there was something in the spread.
I had broken off my corner tooth. Right there on a Friday night in Prague. No dentist sitting at the next table.

Peggy and I shortly after I broke off the tooth. No wonder I keep my mouth closed.

The next night we went to a bar that played all the good 90ies music and served big cocktails. Our kind of place.

The bar is called Black Door and the special eyecatcher is BD the iguana. (Get it? Black Door - BD). She is very observant and pays close attention what happens right outside her glass cage. Everybody passes her on the way to the bathroom.

Prague, I hope I see you again. It was nice catching a glimpse of you.