February 15, 2012

The Hive - Behind the scenes

When Peggy and I met with Radostina in Prague, we already had worked on our blog conference The Hive for some time and via the internet only.

This time in Prague was our first time that we met and could discuss details about speakers and how we want the conference to go.

That's right, we ate delicious food at a place with free wifi and discussed the conference on the iPad for like 3 hours. Welcome to the digital age. 

We wanted to take some photos for our webpage and so Radostina acted as make up artist and photographer.

Dog Sam was very unimpressed and still wanted to be around.

Fine result, don't you think? 


Milk Woman said...

You really are pro's!!!! Congratulations, I loved your post!

Wibke said...

oh yvonne, ich möchte so gerne kommen. ich weiß leider noch nicht zu 100% ob es klappt... eventuell steht an dem termin eine ballett aufführung der 6jährigen an... das alte working mom problem ;-) aber da die aufführung noch nicht ganz fest steht, hab ich noch hoffnung das ich bei euch sein kann. ihr macht das ganz großartig und ich würde euch gerne mal "analog" kennen lernen. viel kraft und erfolg für die weitere organisation!

Plami said...

Hey Yvonne! Plami here form the Hive :)))

It seams to be so much fun behind the scenes! Wanna be there too :)))

The Hotel I stayed in Berlin is Holiday Inn near Alexanderplatz and I loved it. Only the pictures on the inside are form the hotel the rest are just random buildings :)))