December 27, 2011

Life, according to my phone

1. I added up all the money I spend on coffee to go. I stopped when I reached about 90$. Shame on me!

2. Went to see a play at the playback theater. 
3. Superdog likes snow. And water. Perfect combo in the park for him. 

4. I'm so tired of the wet weather here, I have to stuff my shoes with newspaper so they dry. 

5. Superdog went to the dog kindergarten. I packed him lunch. That is Superdogs name by the way. 

6. I caught myself playing with his leash in the subway. I was missing my dog. 

7. Hamburg's evening sky. No filter used.

8. Went to a tv studio to see a show being recorded. 

9. Well what can I say about this concert? Contemplating buying tickets. Oh, boy! 

10. My "gifts" at the trash secret santa party. 

11. Hamburg's shopping street all festive, This city can do no wrong in my eyes. 

12. If a street musician makes you stop, you owe him money!