October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

In the past couple of years Halloween has become more popular here in Germany.
Since we have what we call Carnival at the beginning of the year it took some time. Carnival is very important in Germany and some even consider it the fifth season of the year.
At Carnival people dress up in fun costumes, the main aspect is not spooky or goulish decoration, but Halloween decorations pick up here.

Now you can buy much more Halloween candy, costumes and decor. You also see more children dressed up.
Unfortunantelly no children knock on my door. I would love to see them all dress up.

Halloween is my second favorite holiday, right after Easter. But this year I didn't have it on my radar. It totally past me by. Like pretty much the whole year. Time sure is flying.

Let me wish you a very happy Halloween with one of my favorite photos of me.
This is me in 1997. Yes, in 1997. I was an au-pair for an amercian family with the kids. You can see the kids in the photo too. The other people are also au pairs from all over Europe.

I'm the slice of pizza bottom right. Some costumes never go out of style, right?

Happy Halloween everybody. 

What was the weirdest costume you ever dressed up in?
What are your plans this year? If you have a blog post about Halloween let me know in the comments.