September 12, 2011

There is always room for ice cream

That was the theme of my birthday party. And let me tell you right away: that is not always true!

Having a birthday in the summertime, in August, is not always so great. Because this is also the time when friends and family are going on vacation. Since I can remember I had to celebrate my birthday weeks later.
I finally got around and celebrated my 33rd birthday.

My friends and I wanted to find the best ice cream. Therefore I planned to go to various ice cream places. I had planned to go to six, but we made it to four.

 Oh, there was ice cream people!

 More ice cream

 And even more ice cream. Everybody got to choose as many flavors as you could handle and then we all tasted them.

 For each stop we all had stickers with our initial on it and then we gave points (we used the grade system 1 is the best, 5 the worst) to the ice cream place. Unfortunantelly we had to taste some bad ice cream. Cheap ingredients and sometimes no flavor at all were reason to give a 5.

We were not the only ice cream tasters around. 
Starting left the black Retriever is my dog, Superdog.  In the middle is Louis and to the right is Sky. A male dog. Don't let the hair fool you. Otherwise he won't see anything.

You see, my Superdog was responsible for the vanilla ice cream.

His friend Louis tasted the whipped cream.

 And his other friend Sky ate all the waffles and cookies.

 We tried to go to all six stops, but there was no way we could to that. After four stops we craved some burgers.

Next up, we want to try to find the best pizza in town!


Crystal Cattle said...

What a clever idea. Not a huge ice cream person, but I do love frozen yogurt. Have fun with the pizza.

Yvonne said...

Trust me, I cannot see anymore ice cream for some time :)

Looking forward to the pizza testing.