July 2, 2011

Social Network Overload

I really like social media. No, scratch that I love it. I mean really luuuvvvvv it!
Not only do I enjoy it for myself, but I also work in social media. I work on various plattforms and read dozens of blogs to find out what we can expect in the future.

There are many social networks, let me show you some.
In some networks you will find me.
No reason to go into detail about Facebook, Twitter or the professional network LinkedIn. I have an account for both Facebook and Twitter and I would love for you to follow me (Facebook & Twitter).

Then there is Pinterest. A place where you can pin all your photo of thing you see on the internet that you like. Almost every page can be pinned.
It can only be entered via invitation. You can sign up and it takes 2-3 days until you're in.

Here are my pins for you to check out. If you want to be a part of pinterest, send me an e-mail via the contact form on top and I invite you.

Here we have Path.

A social network that is more for people on the go. Mostly, but not only, used with a smartphone. the difference is, that you an only have 50 friends. That's it. No more. So you will be very selective who you connect with. I like this idea, But don't have any use just yet. It started out on the iphone and since this week it is also available for android.

The new kid in town is Google+. The internet is going crazy and buzzing, it's online now since last week. Soon it will be open to everybody. Until then you need an invitation.

One feature I really like, is that you devide your friends into circles. Google gives you the oportunity not to call everybody friends. Each contact can be in as many circles you like. When you write a post, you can decide what circle will be able to see your post.
Now when you write about my job, I need to make sure not to mark the "work" circle.
If you don't have access yet, write me an e-mail and I send you one. Please note, that even with an invitation you might have to wait if the limit of Google is used up.

If you love book, Shelfluv could be your playground.

You create your own virtual book shelf, join book clubs or chat about your favorite books.
Sounds like a good place to me. Goodreads is very similar to Shelfluv.

Are you a diy kind of person? Craftgawker would be a great hangout.

It's very much like Pinterest, here you pin diy projects only.
There are three subpages: weddinggawker, dwellingawker and foodgawker.

I love to watch sport, but I don't do any myself. I'm way to lazy. But if you want to connect with other athletes, get motivated and compare training results athlinks offers you exactly that.

More than 500.000 christians worldwide are connecting via cross.tv. Over this network you can see videos, join prayer groups and share your beliefs.

There are networks for music lovers, for russians, for film buffs, for moms, for people with disablities, for rich people, for travel folks, for people who love photography......

Come join me on Twitter and/or Facebook. Google+

In what networks are you active?


rebecca said...

ok, I haven't heard of half of these. and now i officially feel old.

Melissa Blake said...

i haven't brought myself to join google+ yet. i think i'll just stick with facebook for now!

RobynBeazley said...

Oh I LOVE this post! I'm excited to explore a few new sites/applications. Thanks for your comment on my blog and for being a new follower Yvonne.

Crystal Cattle said...

Wow, you just exposed me to a bunch of new social networks, but I think I need to limit myself to what I am already doing. I am a huge fan of pinterest.