May 10, 2011

Oh, what to do?

I'm hoping that some Americans can help me out with this post today. Because this might be a cultural difference.
You see, I have talked about wanting to move to Charlotte, North Carolina next February to work there. This company, lets call it company No. 1, is located there. It is known all over the US.
No. 1 has been looking for a person who should take over the social media activities. Even though I have been working with social media almost 3 years now, I know that I'm not yet the person they are looking for. Just yet. I'm getting there.

Anyway. I hoped they would find a social media person, so I can apply to be an assistent and learn more. The social media activities for No. 1. is being overseen by the regular press department. A journalist on Twitter gave me the name of the pr person and even said I can use him as a reference. As soon as the job was gone, I did contact the pr person told him who I am and what I want.
He was very nice. Informing me that no person has been appointed yet. And so I waited. Not very patiently. The job was put back online.

And I kept waiting. Last week it happend. Job gone again and I contacted the pr person one more time. Introduced myself again and told him what I wanted.
Answer: no person appointed yet. Job is back online.

Are you still with me in this story?

What should I do? I'm a little bit under pressure, if I really want to make it in February. But I also don't want to get on the pr persons nerve since he has been very kind to me.

Should I wait till the job is gone again (this goes on since past November)? Or should I contact him anyway again in a couple of weeks? Or should I contact a person in charge of hiring?
When is contacting a person to much? And is there a difference between Americans and Europeans?

Help me out please.

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Paul & Paula ★ said... this man again and tell him exactly what you wrote her and place a link to this post...
he is human, you are want to be there, things have to be done...they should be happy that you just wait and wait and WANT this job...
just tell him that you do not know what to do and that time is running...