March 14, 2011

Fish Pedicure

Germany doesn't have different climate zones. When it's winter, it's winter all over the country. It might be a little colder here and there, but it's winter.
So you can understand my excitement, that it's starting to be Spring here in Hamburg, Germany. The sun was shining this past weekend, temperature was great too. Superdog and I had the first ice cream cone of the year. Yes, the dog had a cone of his own. Vanilla, in case you're wondering.

Anyway, with sunny weather coming up, I sure have to get my feet presentable.

My friend and I tried out a fish pedicure and we really liked it.
The fish that are being used are called doctor fish or here in Germany more often kangal fish.
This is how the salon looks like

How can you not feel comfortable here, right?
Here is the special seat with the fish.

And here is us on those seats.

The fish are not very big. It's more a massage. It does tickle a little. But you get used to it very quickly. It feels like a feather is stroking your feet softly.

Feet are feeling smoother. But don't expect all of your rough skin to be gone. That's what a regular pedicure is for.
OPI nail polish in all colors to chose from.

Personally I just love classic red nail polish.

Have you ever been to a fish pedicure?

Here are two addresses to get you started, if you want to go.
Germany: Adam & Eve.

USA: Doctor fish massage.

1 comment :

Paul & Paula said...

I heard about this fish pedicure some years ago and did not know they are still "in" :)
looks so fun to sit with your friend there, chat and the fish nibble your feet...
Happy week!