February 23, 2011

VIB-very important blog No. 5

Social media in general and blogging in peticular are about sharing, connecting, helping, supporting and reaching out. So I will share a blog every Thursday that I love to read. Some are popular with a lot of readers, you may know it already, some just started, some are for a special audience, but all of them are great! So go and check it out.

Let me introduce you to

Here is the link

What's it about?

A blog filled with beautiful photos and some tipps to take good photos yourself.

No, really. What's it about?

A gorgeous blog filled with encouragement! And beautiful photos.

Who is blogging?

This divas name is Christina, she is from Denmark. Not only is she a great photographer, but also a life coach.

Why do I love it and hope you will too?

Oh, where do I begin? This blog was a tip from a friend. And I'm thrilled I found this blog. Christina is mother to three kids who all hold cameras in their hands. She specifically encourages women to get involved. I so love that!!! I also believe in women sticking together and encouraging one another. It doesn't happen often enough!

She also has an online workshop, which you should check out as well as some tipps (ex. How to take photos of a still life etc). Make sure you are part of the Shutter Divas (isn't that a fantastic name?). Every sunday she give you a photo assignment, which should be uploaded to a flickr page. A week after that she will highlight ten entries. If you love photos, please take a moment and look through it.

Where can I find the blog?

Go right here to Divas and Dreams


About said...

OOhhh how sweet of you to feature me on your new blog...wow..what an honor this is...*big smile*

I just signed up as a follower and hope you will get many new readers - your sweet and positive sharing great tips :-)

I wish you a wonderful day!



Dionne said...

I enjoy reading interviews. It gives me a little peek into the life of someone that I would most likely never meet. Thanks for this!

Yvonne said...

@Christina: I'm so glad you liked my post about you. I can't wait for the next assignment.

@Dionne: It's fun to get to know new blogs, isn't it? I sometimes have the feeling everybody reads the same ones :)