February 3, 2011

VIB - very important blog No. 4

Social media in general and blogging in peticular are about sharing, connecting, helping, supporting and reaching out. So I will share a blog every Thursday that I love to read. Some are popular with a lot of readers, you may know it already, some just started, some are for a special audience, but all of them are great! So go and check it out.

Please take some time and check out:

What's it about?
Great advice that every little girl raised to be a lady should know about.

No, really. What's it about?
This blog gives great advice, not only for girls. For anybody really, regardless of age, sex or religion. Some of the advice can be adjusted so it feels more personal.
For example: #277 Visit Washington D. C.
The advice behind it is: learn how your government works, go see where all the power is, fell how it works and look at all the history that surrounds your government. My government would be in Berlin. And this advice is so true.

Who is blogging?
Her name is Jaime Morrison Curtis. She is the mother of a two year old little girl and she welcomes unsolicited advice, which you can send to her.

Why do I love it and hope you will too?
I don't have any children just yet. But I love the fact of having a collection of advice for my kids and use it myself to change some things or learn more, so I can lead by example one day. You can send in advice too.
Some advice is told in a little story (# 263 Accept chivalry - which I'm personally not good at!), some are so cute (#231 Come home) and some are really advice I should take on myself (# 226 leave a decent tip, # 235 There is a moment in an argument when you realize you're wrong and #256 a nickname should be a term of endearment, not an insult).

Where can I find the blog?
Follow the link to 500 pieces of prudent advice for my baby daughter.

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Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

Thanks for visiting today Yvonne.

This new blog looks perfect for me...even if I end up having a boy in June. Going to check it out now!