February 22, 2011

Sun in my eyes

You see this face of mine?

It has pale skin, many liver spots and two green eyes. And it is round. Pancake-round.
The past couple of days were very cold but also sunny. So I'm on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses.
Question is, which one fits my pancake face?

I love, love, love the classic aviator look of a Ray Ban in green with a gold frame.


Paul & Paula said...

hello pancake... :)
ok this does not really really help but how about going to a pro shop and try them out?
i always looked terrible with the aviators until i found a pair with a white frame... and they are perfect incl lots of compliments :)
so i think... try them out and try diff colours too...

Kelly said...

I always go for aviators, but I'm liking black Harlow frames!

Yvonne said...

I actually should go with the advice and go to a professionell, but I don't want to hear his opinion if they go against the aviators.

@Kelly: Aviators are simply classic. You can't go wrong :)