February 21, 2011

Smart Dog Toys

Next week a couple of things will change in my personal life. I will start to work for a new company, which I'm very happy about.
But here is a special someone who will not be so happy about that, because the working hours will be a lot.

Superdog and I live by ourselves. There were days I had to leave him at home. Sometimes even for a couple of hours. This was no problem, because it wasn't every day. This will change next week for about 6 months.

He is a smart dog, I tell you! You dog owners out there know how hard it can be to keep your fur baby busy.
Therefore I want to stock up on some toys, we can play with in the evening.

We already play with the dog pyramid by Nina Ottosson. Her toys are pricey, but great.
Our pyramid is much loved in our home. And much used.

The pyramid has a heavy bottom, so it always stands back up. There is a small hole in which you put the treats. By rolling it over the floor the treats fall out.
Here is dog and pyramid in action

We own some more toys: the dog brick and the dog fighter, both by Nina Ottosson.

Superdog figures out the toys pretty quickly. So I have to come up with games of my own.

How do you keep your animals busy?