January 20, 2011

VIB - very important blog No. 3

Social media in general and blogging in peticular are about sharing, connecting, helping, supporting and reaching out. So I will share a blog every Thursday that I love to read. Some are popular with a lot of readers, you may know it already, some just started, some are for a special audience, but all of them are great! So go and check it out.

Let me introduce you to

Here is the link

What's it about?

A mum who can't sew, sing or master a rubic's cube ( I hear you on all three things!)

No, really. What's it about?

A mum blogging about a great mix of food (love the rustic hamburgers!), pretty things, social media and photography. She also writes about and for her cute little daughter.

Who is blogging?

Her name is Chantelle and she lives in Australia.

Why do I love it and hope you will too?

Chantelle really involves her readers: she askes great questions known as BLOGversation. Questions have been first ever post and bloggers block. Great example of social media!!! Which you know I love so much.

Please check out her tab "e book". There you will find the book "Let's give them something to blog about". You can buy it and print it out yourself. 10 percent are going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I love a woman that is honest about her weight. Be it baby weight or, in my case, weight from eating. A lot of eating. Did I mention her rustic hamburgers?

Where can I find the blog?

Please follow me to Fat Mum Slim